Buying Tips

What purpose is the door going to serve?
Is it a decorative piece, or do you simply want to block the elements? Are you looking for a door that provides extra security? Make sure you select a door that serves all of your needs.

Would you like to add decorative glass?
Decorative glass not only adds style, but also enhances the appearance of your home and helps create a distinctive and outstanding first impression. Our large selection of glass options can help provide natural light, can maximize your view, or can offer privacy to maintain your feeling of security. Energy-wise consumers will be happy to know we offer a full range of decorative glass options with Low E & Argon gas filled thermal units.

Things to keep in mind.
If you are planning to mount a screen or storm door on your new steel or fiberglass door, we recommend using our standard natural wood, vinyl clad wood or the storm door ready brickmolds. Our ever-changing climate encourages us to revisit longtime industry offerings such as inswing doors where, in the case of strong coastal winds and horizontally driven rain, we urge our customers to consider other alternatives such as outswing doors.

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