Life/Work Opportunities – Entry Level Associate

Are you frustrated trying to schedule your life around work? Do you wish you could spend more time with your family and friends while still earning a full pay cheque? Why doesn’t your current employer understand the need for flexibility for life’s unexpected events?

Well, you should be working at Atlantic Windows!

We understand that you should work to live and not live to work – it’s all about life/work balance! Who wants to work weekends? Not us! So, weekends are not part of our routine schedule. Our shifts are from Monday to Friday, 7:00am – 3:30pm and nightshift Monday to Friday, 3:30pm – 12:00am with every weekend off!

On top of that, we understand that life throws unexpected events at all of us. So, besides your vacation time you can earn up to four extra paid days off to use whenever you need to just by showing up to work. We even offer limited unpaid personal time without penalty.

If that wasn’t enough, we offer competitive wages with scheduled increases. The starting wage is $15.50/hr. We’ll also throw in a profit-sharing program, RRSP along with comprehensive health and dental coverage.

With on-the-job training, it’s easy for anyone to learn how to produce and assemble window and doors. Your first week on the job, you will be paired up with one of our experienced workers to get you started. With each station on the assembly line specializing in a specific process, it’s simple to get started! If you like learning and doing different things, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your skills and learn other stations once you’ve mastered the first one! We also offer entry level opportunities in Shipping and Receiving.

Advancement opportunities available as we promote our lead hands, quality inspectors and supervisors within.

We’d love to give you a tour and show you first-hand what you could be doing! Apply now by uploading your resume or filling out an application form here or drop off your resume or fill out an application at either of the addresses here.

So, if you’re tired of flipping burgers, pouring coffee, scanning items, processing food or you’re ready to get back to work or start your first job after graduation then Atlantic Windows is the right place for you!